Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Buddy, the 40lb lapdog

Buddy is delusional. Totally and completely delusional. He thinks he is a lapdog. I had one of my favorite people over, and she was climbed like a mountain by my dingdong lap dog. Can you see my poor friend? No, no, you cannot. You can see the magazine that she was flipping through when Buddy decided that he simply had to be sitting in her lap. Of course now that I study the picture I realize you can also see my complete inability to choose a paint color and that I haven't cleaned off my desk in a really long time. Damn.

I guess I should be grateful that Sabrina is happy just getting on the bed, she doesn't feel a need to actually sit in everyone's lap. See, there now she is able to go back to reading the magazine. Now that Buddy is esconsed comfortably on her lap.

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