Friday, January 9, 2009

The Dog Bird House *with update

My poor parents live next door to a barking dog. Actually, I think this is the second barking dog in a couple of years. This one is a big, barking dog. I may have mentioned this before since my tales of woe with my next door neighbors hating my dogs have been met with lukewarm responses at best because they are so annoyed by their neighbor's dog.

Recently Dad set out to purchase "something that will melt the dogs brain when it barks." Harsh, but the fence line is right by their bedroom and the man needs his sleep. Seriously.

At any rate, the store employee knew immediately what Dad needed and proceeded to get it. It is a dog birdhouse. When the dogs bark, a high pitched sound is emitted causing the dogs to stop barking. My parents enthusiastically tell everyone they can about it.

In the meantime, I decided that I needed my own. Yesterday, it came in the mail. I excitedly opened the box, and Buddy and Sabrina immediately began checking it out. Then, I began checking it out. I'm sure I could make a whole nother post on the stupid packaging and how freaking hard it was to get the stupid thing out of the box. I got it up in record speed. Now, it hangs in all its glory facing my stupid neighbor's yappy dogs. With any luck it will make all of the dogs stop barking, but I admit I really want their's to stop first. ** update: This morning Sabrina began her harassment of me as she demands food. Jumping and barking. Barking and jumping until she gets fed. Sooo annoying. So, I think to myself, I'll put the dog birdhouse on the counter so when she barks it goes off and makes her stop.

This is where I add in the instructions in says to be careful to hold it at arms length and try to not be holding it when the dogs start barking, so as not to effect your own hearing.

I heard it kind of make a noise, I saw her react, I felt an oncoming headache. . .I've had a headache all day now. I probably gave myself a brain anuryism.

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  1. Oh dear. I hope this keeps all of the dogs from barking. Not that you'll notice since you're hearing has probably been damaged.