Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun with Nails

This weekend I hit the end of my proverbial rope with my nails. I mean they are short, stubby, ripping at the base. It is awful. So cruising around killing time with Daisy, we spotted a nail salon and decided to go in. There isn't much that can be done when your nails are short and worthless, and since I have been on a dating kick I figured if I'm going to do something extra, nows the time, right?

I have posted before about the joys of the nail salon. There are many posts that can be made from these experiences - Cha cha, you find the well of creativity drying up . . . I say go get your nails done!

I have loved the You Tube clip of comedian, anjelah johnson talking about the nail salon ladies. Mostly because she nails (no pun intended) the average nail salon employee.

Please be aware that when I sat down to have the solar nails done, An (that was her name) promised me, and I quote, "Don't worry. I make you look beautiful." Thank you that is all I am asking to have happen.

So, the process begins.

I realize there are ladies out there loving their long ass nails. But seriously, how do they get anything done?? I even shot a vogue pose.

After gluing them on, they sent me over for my pedicure. I tried to get pictures of Daisy, but I kept getting the stupid nails in the picture and it was hard to work the camera. Oh, and the massage action was on the chair, so the first three pictures were totally blurry until I realized what the problem was. After the pedicure was finished, I returned to get more work done on the nails. (Yes, those are pink camo pants I'm wearing.)
The rest of me didn't look any different, but I did really like my nails when she was done.
As we were getting ready to leave, I stopped long enough to get this guy working on the base of the desk. Apparently there are other uses for nail polish that we don't always appreciate such as hiding flaws in wood or laminate as the case may be.

Daisy started filming the process, and we talked about what was happening etc. As you can see, it didn't work, so you just get the realization that it didn't work. So much for professional videography. I enjoyed the part where An (girl doing my nails) took her face mask off because she didn't want to be on youtube with the mask on. I kid you not. AND we missed the part where she buffed my nails with an electric buffer and nearly buffed off a layer of skin. oopsy.


  1. Sorry about the videos; not sure what exactly happened with that, but the lovely picture of me you posted is payback for my techno-flub.

    Do love the nails though. They are very diva-like.

  2. Whew! What a relief you didn't leave with the freakish originals. This does not encourage me to become a diva. I'm happy with my nail file I bought at Target.