Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Love

I'm at that point that I have begun looking about and contemplating the possibilities of dating and perhaps getting serious with someone who might, just might, I hope, return the favor by getting serious with me. Cause that one sided crap is for the birds.

At any rate, I have begun researching and testing the waters of various venues. It is not easy. In fact, at times it is awkward, painful, unpleasant and worse than cramps. Bad cramps. Really bad cramps.

Now, to protect the innocent (in this case, I am the innocent) I shall try to be discreet. Heaven knows, I don't want to be blogging about my adventures and have students start showing up at this affairs. That gives me heart burn just thinking about it.

Several things I feel a need to acknowledge at this point.

A. I like my men to have hair. I blame this on my father. He has a nice full head of hair, and I think he would look funny without it. Most guys look funny without their hair. I am really sorry if there are any bald men reading this and feeling badly about themselves right now. Not my intent at all.

B. Also my father's fault. I like tall guys. I met a guy recently who stood up and clearly had lied about his height. Admittedly I was in boots, but I'm thinking I was looking him straight in the eyes which would put him at about 5'6". That is just too short. Really, the tall guy thing is for his own protection. I'm gonna bring some guy to meet the family and I am the ONLY person shorter than he is???? I've gone 14 year old nieces and nephews taller than that. So actually we could blame my entire family for my need to get neck pains from looking at the people I love.

C. I want a man with a little religion in him. I like going to church, and dag nabbit, I want a guy who wants to go to church with me . . . or is at least willing to fake it. That's love.

All of that being said, I have met/communicated with some real doozies lately. Have I mentioned the orthodonist? Going out with him was like having my teeth pulled without novacaine. Truly painful. He talked about politics for half the time. He did have the decency to try to get me liquored up. He chose Spagetti Warehouse, not great, but not horrible, until he told me that it was a test to determine if I was one of those gold digger girls just out for a nice meal. Obviously not if I agreed to freaking Spagetti Warehouse.

Finished dinner, walked me to my car. Asked for a ride to his car, put his leftovers on the dashboard where he promptly let them slide all over the freaking place when I turned a corner. Sigh. That was a $40.00 detailing job I would have preferred not have had to get. There was more to why that turned out to be a worthless evening, but I can't even bear to revisit.

These stories shall all be filed under the category of Searching for Big Love. More to come.

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