Thursday, January 1, 2009

4 hours at the airport and counting

We got up at the crack of dawn (as projected). This followed on the heels of a night of revelry. . . not.

We ended up at a local restaurant, sat outside and enjoyed our last evening in Florida. Mom and I split the surf and turf which was really yummy. I had been trying to sport a headache since being at the mall, so by the time we got home (8pm or so), I went to the hot tub with Mom, then crashed.

I should have turned my phone off because my darling students are NOTORIOUS for calling me on any and all special occasions to say hi (usually late at night well after I have crashed and burned.) But, alas, I didn't. Lo and behold, a friend in Ca. calls me at 11 freaking 45 at night. I could have killed him. I realize it is hard to resist the time difference since it was only 8:45 when the call was made, but still. I was in a small condo with 5 other people, and I believe it is well established that given the option I'll be in bed sooner rather than later.

So, although I didn't answer the phone, it did wake me up. Just in time to hear the celebrations going on in a condo unit nearby. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been a low rumble of noise, but there were these girls that were literally screaming like they had just seen the Jonas Brothers that set my teeth on edge.

Admittedly, I had no idea of the time when the phone went off, but I listened to them being totally obnoxious long enough to know they weren't interested in common courtesy, so I called the front desk.

I assume they decided to wait until after midnight, because I heard them count down, but then shortly after heard it get very quiet. Thank you!! (At least they were very quiet long enough for me to go back to sleep!)

It is actually close to time to hit the restroom and prepare to board the plane since I've been here about 4 hours already, it's almost more fun than I can stand. At least they have wi-fi here.

Hugs and kisses for a great new year . . . Hope everyone makes reasonable resolutions and then achieves them : )

I'm going home to take down my Christmas decorations and contemplate 2009.

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