Monday, January 26, 2009

Cookies and some such

Where my intense dislike of cookies and my ability to do chit meet in a fiery blaze of WTF. So there is a blog that amuses me to no end. Miss-Ann-Thrope. I'll admit to a great extent it is because she throws dirty words around like a dog shaking off water. She's got style, she's got pizazz, she's funny.

Ok, so to comment on her blog you have to actually be a member. Turns out some people actually have soooo many people reading their blog that they have to keep freaks from getting on and commenting rudely and such. I, to say the least, do not have this problem.

At any rate, I have had huge problems logging on, getting it to accept me etc.

In the meantime, I may have already mentioned, I got a new laptop that I adore. In setting it up, Daisy and I discovered we have different "cookie" styles. Whenever I get the little message that a website wants to set a cookie, I immediately say no, not just no, but hell no. Daisy, on the other hand, kept yelling at me as we were setting up to let things set their cookies or my chit wouldn't work. Well, I realized this morning that apparently the reason I can't get Miss Ann Thrope's stuff to work is cause her site has asked me to set cookies and I have quickly and without a backwards glance responded with hell no. Sigh. Guess I might have to not be so quick on that.


  1. Glad you got it figured out.

    So here's the thing, I keep my comments members only because some chick I never read but who apparently reads my blog, took exception to something one of the people who regularly comments on my blog said. She then went about her business making everything that lady said all about her, flipped out, threatened to close her blog and generally created mad drama.

    So I closed off comments to the general internets.

    I want people who comment on my blog to feel safe in stating their opinion. While they sometimes get pissy with each other, no one is gonna create an internet soap opera when none exists.

    It's too bad. I would love to see what strangers would have to say about my last post.

    PS: I used to have a relatively popular blog. I found I disliked it so I have my little corner with, according to feedburner, 82 subscribers and about 12 regular commentators.

    I like intimate little get-togethers. :-D

  2. Ohh, my gosh, that is horrible. Why are people such lunatics??

    I love that it feels like a core group on your comments. I'm glad that I found your corner!

    That last post will get you strung up on rope!! But that is what we love about you.