Sunday, January 4, 2009

Feeling Urban

Yesterday Randy and Diana and I made plans to meet up in old Plano. This is big fun for me because I take the DART train up to Plano, walk over to the pub, and then when I go home, I have a 45 minute period to contemplate life, if you will, before getting back in the car to drive home.

As always, Diana was dressed to the nines. She got the very cute dog purse for Christmas. The interior of the purse matches her jacket, or should I say, her jacket matches the purse. We have been to this pub before, and I say with great confidence that they make the BEST cosmos that I've ever had. I mean, ding dong freaking good. I'm slightly flushed from sun and cosmos cause it was like 80 degrees yesterday and I had a couple of their yummy drinks.

Do I look bowlegged in this picture? I'm thinking I might.

This is probably my last hurrah for a while since school starts tomorrow. sigh. I thinking I'm sliding into a funk as I write.

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