Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Lavender Closet

There are many things I love about my current residence. The charm of the wood floors, the many windows, the neighborhood and the front porch. There are also many things that I am not keen for such as the condition of the wood floors, the stupid crappy kitchen (even if I don't use it) the sucky bathrooms AND the total lack of closets.

I can only solve one problem at the time and currently I am working on the closet issue. So I took the old breakfast nook and turned it into the master bedroom closet.

Scott, my handy dandy fix-it guy, did the work. He called to let me know that he had bought some paint that he thought would look brown on the walls. Then he called later to let me know that in actuality the walls turned out purple. Well, actually lavender. It's hard to see that, but trust me, they are lavender.
I hung all of my shirts and skirts, and they look lovely. This weekend, Scott continued work putting up shelves. There is a bar for dresses in front of the window. The shelves haven't been painted yet, but I'm going to paint them a dark brown to match the mood veneer on the front of the ones I already did. He also put up the back brackets so that I could put up a gazillion shelves for my shoes. ooohhhhhh but it all makes me so happy.

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  1. Love the closest. You have an insane # of shoes. I think I own about 10 pairs, and half of those are sandals. It is Austin after all...