Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Another Day

Yearbooks arrived Monday morning. For the first time as long as I've been doing it, the driver was able to unload the books with the boxes still on the flats. (Usually we have to unload the truck box by box.) Sadly, I discovered none of the books were name stamped, so he had to come back later in the day to pick half the boxes back up and return them to Topeka, Kansas to be stamped. With any luck we will get them back by next Monday. So instead of one miserable day of back-breaking work unloading the truck I shall have two this year. Is anyone surprised that this is the year for it to happen? I haven't even looked at the books yet. I'm not quite ready to face the evidence of the year if you know what I mean.

Although my butt was some kind of tired, I managed to go home, clean part of the garage AND work on the pool. I am goooood. Tonight I am slacker girl.

Pam C. got out of the hospital Sunday. Incredible considering she had pancreatic cancer surgery 10 days earlier. She is doing great. She still feels crappy, but who wouldn't? She called me Monday to let me know Jim (her husband) had found a couple of houses for me. How great is that? So I'm going over to their house Thursday to check on Pam and visit houses.

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