Wednesday, May 3, 2006

It's not called hump day for nothin'

First, on a positive note, another fence company took a gander at my fence. When I spoke to Ryan (estimator #2) this afternoon, he said he went by earlier today, but he would come back and look at it again to see what the minimum that needs to be done is. The supports for the pool are in good condition (thank heavens). If they can just fix the gate and reinforce where necessary, I bet I can save myself beaucoup de bucks (sorry Pam, I know that hurt your ears.)

However in the annoying category, Terminex treated for termites today. I now have a lot of holes about a foot apart going all around my house. They filled most with cement, I'm thinking perhaps I can give them a ring-e-ding about finishing that and disconnecting the hose from a pipe that goes to the pool. It's designed to make it easy to fill the pool. I can't imagine why they hooked it up because it wasn't hooked up before they arrived. But, more importantly, I CAN'T GET IT UNDONE. (Yes, you should hear that being practically screeched.) I wouldn't mind so much if now I can't water my plants because of this maneuver.

I went to Joanne's fabrics on my way home and got some thread and a little bit of material to finish making pillows for the bench by the pool. I won't tell you how much I ended up spending. Needless to say the ability to count would really help me when I embark on shopping trips. I am clearly focused on my goal: the backyard is going to be an oasis I tell you, an oasis.

Oh, and did I mention, I am coming out from under all the misery stress? I know this because every time I get on the freakin' scale I've gained a little more weight. Please let me survive the last 17 days of school . . . without becoming homicidal.

Good grief, I really am going to need to exercise because as we all know, exercise makes endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And, happy teachers don't kill their students.

My plan is to go in tomorrow and finish making copies and getting everything ready for teaching poetry the next two weeks in English. I'm sure someone will show early and screw up my plans. They usually sense when I am trying to get a lot done.

Oh my, it's getting late, 8:20 by my watch.

Ta Ta For Now

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