Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No more skinny dippin'

OK, so that isn't actually a concern, but a real estate agent surprised the hell out of me when her head popped into the garage today. Seems she called the central calling people, but they didn't give me a ringy ding to let me know she was coming. Certainly don't want to scare any potential buyers away!

On a different note, some of you may remember during my convertable years living in Plano there was an officer Yaneilli (spelling may be wrong) who seemed to have my car on GPS. Seriously I got at least 4 tickets by that man. ALL IN DIFFERENT PLACES. I couldn't lose him!

So, I am zipping along this afternoon leaving Home Depot heading toward Tom Thumb when behind me I see lights flashing. And lo and behold, look who walks up to my car. At any rate lucky me, it was shift change time and he had things to do. So he let me go with a stern talking to! Good thing I'm moving soon.

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