Sunday, May 7, 2006

The Whirling Dervish

I began my day at Home Depot returning the extra flowers I had purchased, replacing the one I tortured attempting to get it in the ground (started with 8 stems, by the time I had it in the ground it had 3), and buying more stuff.

I went by Mom and Dad's to take Dad a screen that needed to be fixed. Forgot it. Got some toast though.

I finished the bench cushion and one of the pillows for by the pool. The other would be done if the sewing machine needle had not broken. The second pillow will be finished today. (Mom came by and helped me with sewing issues and brought Dad who conveniently picked up the screen I forgot to take to him.)

The master bathroom sparkles. I hate to even use it! I had concerns about the shower pan, but, eight chemicals later, it was clean. The master bedroom is now bare of superfluous knickknacks.

I edged and string trimmed the lawn. Finished planting endeavors too.

Paid for a storage unit which I plan to promptly fill with my excess crapola. I putting the Hoosier cabinet in because I think it makes the kitchen look small. I also have about 5 boxes already filled and ready to go.

The dining room is cleaned up and ready for photos.

In the midst of all of the cleaning other rooms took some hits. I must say rereading this makes me tired. I was BUSY. Do I have the energy for ANOTHER day of dervishness?

But, of course, I am woman hear me roar*.

*For those of you not familiar with the song, invest in Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits album. It's a classic, and you'll know what song to keep singing to yourself.

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