Sunday, May 7, 2006

I am da' Bomb

First, I am totally annoyed with the stupid Blog people. It won't let me spellcheck anything. It won't even let me write in another program and transfer it over after spellchecking. Grrrrr. I am trying to attach photos so everyone can see how divine my little home looks, but it is fighting me on that too.

So, in the following photos you should take note of all of the lovely flowers planted in front. The dining room is actually set for a meal, including chargers. Thanks for your help and your stuff, Mom. Doesn't it look warm and inviting? Wouldn't you like to pay a large sum of money to make it your own?

Notice the designer touch in the library of the book and glasses. I would also like to add that the house was clean, and I was in the shower by 4pm. Mimi came over, and we had take-out chinese while watching Mrs. Henderson presents in my ever so clean bedroom. By the way, I highly recommend the movie. Very cute.

The kitchen looks shockingly good. The hoosier cabinet is in the garage waiting to go to storage. (It will require assistance, although it isn't heavy it is a two person job. Hint Hint to anyone reading this.) Now it looks spacious. (There's a nickel real estate word.) Table is set, fake pie on the stove cooling. It is truly a fake little world I am selling.

Most importantly, I believe we can all agree the back does look like an oasis! How inviting, cute pillows and towels on the lounge chairs. How delightful! Well, it is almost 10pm. I am totally tired, and the truck will be arriving with yearbooks (for the second time - let no one forget that.) at about 7am. I'm not sure that I even have clean jeans. Hmmm.

More tomorrow.

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