Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday in Austin

I ended up leaving Dallas with a lawn that still needed to be mowed. I'm so glad Dad recently bought a light weight lawn mower that can be transported, if only he was in town. (Sigh goes here.) Atleast as I hopped in my car to head out of town I left the house looking lovely, and the pool looking oasis like. I even dropped a load of stuff at the storage unit before grabbing the dog and heading out of town.

I stopped at Roseanne's on the way south to pick up my binders for teaching Government. I'll be working on summer school stuff Monday.

Arrived at Fran's at about 5pm. Her backyard is fast becoming an oasis. Pool is great. Pond is cool, foliage is lovely. Jim may have a problem on his hands. Between that and his cooking, he might not be able to shake me this summer.

Sunday . . . went to church in the morning.

Spent the afternoon hanging out.

News: Can you believe it . . . another agent has called to say she is putting in an offer! Let's hope this one isn't toying with me! This is the agent with clients in California. . . so they would be buying the house unseen. . . see I didn't need to mow the lawn! Guess I'll get up in the morning and head home, so that I can sit patiently waiting for a contract. Dad would want it that way : )

In the meantime, I'll go back to hanging out waiting for my next meal to appear like magic from the kitchen de Jim.

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