Friday, May 5, 2006


Thursday afternoon I went over to Pam's. She is moving around and getting better every day. Her husband Jim took me to look at a house in their neighborhood. Since it looked empty, we tip-toed, not through the tulips, but across the lawn and peered into windows. Because it is perfect, it will sell immediately. Very small kitchen! It's about time. If I have to give up square footage, I would really like it to be from the kitchen. Picture window at the front of the living room, bedrooms a decent size and the whole thing is at 1700 square feet (just a little smaller than mine).

I got home and ordered the flat fee MLS. Here's the ironic part. At the end they had a survey they requested people to complete, ok, what the heck. It asked questions about other web sites. What? You mean there isn't just one? It even asked what word did you use to find it, MLS, flat fee, for sale by owner or what. I immediately google Flat Fee MLS. Found a different company that for the same price had all of these other benefits. AAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH.

So, I call the company lickety split this morning and say I must cancel this immediately. They very kindly do. I then ordered with the new company. Yea me.

This evening I bought and planted flowers. I'm returning some of them because I got too many. Figured I would. (Damn inability to count really gets in the way at times.)

I also cut out and pinned together the bench cushion I am making.

The list for tomorrow is daunting. However, I am Elizabeth. Completely unaware of my limitations and happily willing to start any project without a second thought. I will be singing, "I am woman hear me roar" all day!

By Sunday, I am hoping to be able to take lots of pictures to possibly use on the MLS listing. It's important to have a goal. Keeps ya' focused.

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