Tuesday, May 9, 2006

My eyes are burning

I know this is just sad, but it's not even 9pm, my eyes are burning I'm so tired, and I'm going to be lucky to complete this post without any horrifying grammatical/spelling errors.

I realized at about noon today that grades were due at 8pm tonight. Yikes! So I was madly entering grades this afternoon. Luckily Dad was already letting Eva out so that I could attend the yearbook banquet which I had also forgotten about.

So, 5:00 at to get over to the restaurant for the banquet to set up. Well, not so much a banquet as a dinner. We met at Mattito's (Great Mexican food). Ate a lovely dinner, gave my gifts to the seniors (blankets with their names in the corner and the name of the yearbook in the other corner), then passed out the yearbooks.

I write a note to each senior individually. It is really hard to write 25 notes that are all different from each other. Made me tired, mostly cause it made me weepy. I'm going to miss the little punks.

The surprize of the evening . . . the seniors gave me a pair of Christian Dior heels that are totally cute. Ok, I photoshop'd my toes so that they matched the shoes, but are they not adorable? Do these girls know me or what? Yes, I will be wearing them to school tomorrow.

Then about 5 of the seniors gave me a picture of them with notes that each wrote to me. sniff sniff.

On the house side of things, I haven't done anything in two days. I did get the yard sign and lock box in the mail yesterday. I need to fax in the papers to the broker (to whom the flat fee is paid) to get it listed.

I'm sad because the house I went to see appears to be off MLS; most likely because some smart person scooped it up. I'm trying to remember as Fran said that it must mean there is another house meant for me.

I still need to get the front bedroom and the office cleaned up. Goal for Wednesday: Clean office.

Ok, my goose is cooked. Must sleep. Night night

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