Monday, May 15, 2006

Eating one's young, cheese with that whine, etc.

Well, I for one am amazed that more mother's don't eat their young. I talk to Fran and if child 1 isn't sending her over the cliff into insanity then child 2 is actually trying to trip her over the edge. Seriously, I hardly see them, and I want to bite their heads off and chew.

So, I am in my classroom bright and early. Two of my freshmen English students come to talk to me. After about 10 minutes, one asks, "Why are you always in a bad mood by 8th period? You are really happy right now?" To which I respond, "You wanna know what happens? 1st-7th periods."

We are still working on a theme for next year. I really want them to do something that will be fun. Different. Something we can have a good time with. They are going to end up choosing the same thing with the same types of designs as we always have. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Well, after several days of silence, I have an angry email from a mother outraged that her child doesn't appear in the yearbook, he had his picture taken, blah, blah, blah. Well, actually he had his student ID picture taken, not his yearbook picture. I haven't found out why he isn't anywhere else. I kind of want to ask why she didn't cough up the money to buy the kid a senior ad and assure that he would appear in the book. I want to bite her head off and chew too.

Got home. Massive headache. Managed to make the flyer for the house. Scheduled an appt for real estate people to give me an appraisal on Wed. Didn't sleep well last night. I know it is sad and pathetic, but I think it is because Eva and Cat are at Mom and Dad's, and I'm lonely. sniffle. sniffle.

I'm now totally behind on the house plan. I haven't bought the door to replace the one with the cat door in it. I haven't done the tile in that closet. I haven't steam cleaned the carpets. That does it. I'm going to bed.

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