Saturday, May 13, 2006

Drugs are Good

Hard to resist reading a post that starts that way isn't it? Read on to discover why that title.

I began the day early (6:45), but hardly in whirling dervish mode. Fran was in w.d. , but I was not. I did finally begin getting my ducks in a row about the time Mom showed up so that we could get manicures and pedicures. Toes are lovely.

Got home did a little packing, but realized I had quite a bit of errand running that needed to be done. So in the car and off to the book store. I told my future editors-in-chief that I would find magazines that had design ideas for them, so I finally took care of that.

Then to Home Depot. (Yes, Dad I know this is a fragment. It's called artistic license . . . and I be driving: ) I got what I needed to tile the floor of the closet. A very nice young man gave me wonderful instructions. I even managed to get a Father's Day gift, oh yeah. I'll be giving the parents day gifts tomorrow since I'm likely to pack his gift and forget about it otherwise.

On to the dry cleaners to drop off a skirt that I've been driving around with in my car for about 3 weeks now.

Next, Hobby Lobby to get Travis' birthday gift. I'm only a couple of weeks behind on that one, so I figure I'm doing pretty well. (Set expectations low early, makes 'em happy to get anything whenever you get around to it.) Sprouts for cases of my Vitamin C water. Yes, it's the water by the company some rapper owns, but I don't care. It's really good, and I'm hoping to start replacing my slurpees with these. We'll see how that goes.

Trouble began when I got home. Dad met me and we took the hoosier cabinet to storage. We were rather blase apparently because we put the top facing the outside so that it didn't face the bottom and get nicked or anything which was a fine plan until we turned a corner and lost the flower sifter when it fell out. Yikes! We didn't realize it until we got to the storage place. I almost had a coronary right there. We hightailed unloading and getting it in the storage unit. That included my nailing my ankle with the corner of the cabinet leaving a delightful bruise and a small comedy of errors as we tried to get everything into the storage unit including the stupid bike that I never ride. We got back in the truck and retraced our steps. Thank heavens Dad is now a total old man driver. Because he drives so carefully and slowly, the sifter tipped out, landed on the sidewalk and sat there damage free until we came back round to get it. That involved my leaping, gazelle like, out of the truck at a light (which conveniently was red) loping across the street, nabbing the sifter and returning to the truck. The course of events was rather like getting brain freeze; all of a sudden I had a headache that caused my head to crinkle.

Once home, I returned to my list. Mowing. rats. I edged, weed wacked, mowed and watered the fleurs before proceeding on to cleaning the pool.

Large quantities of sun and not enough quantities led to a very, very ugly headache. This is the point where the drugs enter the picture. I took two of my headache pills, a lovely hot bath then placed cold compresses on my forehead as I writhed about on the bed, moaning and contemplating hari kari. Several hours later, I'm feeling good from the drugs. Oh yeah.

Some of you may have already picked up on the fact that tomorrow I will have to be a BEAST to get everything done. Wonder Woman on speed.

Check in tomorrow evening to see what our heroine managed to accomplish before visiting her parents in celebration of Mother's Day by bringing gifts and Eva and Cat to stay with them. (insert evil laugh here).

I must add a note. My fabulous niece (Cassy), Fran's 3rd, sent me some self-portraits she took on her new camera. She is an artist you know. Please to see photo number 4. Didn't anyone tell that child her eyes are going to get stuck like that???!!!! I think this might be her "Are you sure you want me to do the dishes? You know I have trouble with depth perception." haha.

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