Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not ready; but oh well

I was moving much more slowly today since I got a headache during the night and had it most of the day. Still managed to steam clean all of the carpets and run to Target, Home Depot and Linens and Things to get various and sundry items.

Although it's possible the house would be shown tomorrow, I am seriously hoping it won't be. Dad is still working on replacing the quarter round on all of the baseboards in the kitchen. Courtesy of Eva they all were warped from wetness. . . I'm not explaining. He also is in charge of the cat door hole in the closet door.

I need to touch up the front door and almost every wall in the house. More stuff needs to go to storage and after that it's just general cleaning, more cleaning and more cleaning.

Pleeeaaassseee let the house sell quickly . . . for high dollar!

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