Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good Heavens, I've fallen behind

Thursday - Real estate agent called early in the day to tell me she was going to be sending an offer to be. She was a nasty little tease. I called at 7pm to find out her client made an offer on another house. However, the house did get shown a couple of times.

Friday - Worked like a mad dog to get poetry notebooks graded, yearbooks passed out etc. etc. I had an eye dr appt at 1pm, went to see Pam and Jim (she looks much healthier, although she said she isn't gaining weight. . . as always I'm willing to give her some of mine. Always thinking of others, I am.) I could have WALKED to the house that I had an appt to see at 3pm. I like it.
That's all I will say, because girls that haven't sold their homes can't afford to love anything yet.

Drove out to Plano to let Eva out. Have I mentioned how hard she sleeps? It is very disturbing. I always wake her with trepidation that she isn't actually going to wake or that my waking her will give her a heartattack and kill her.

Got back to school to work on grading the English exams. I do have all of my grades entered, but I still have to finish the checkout process and get stuff ready for summer school.

I'm teaching first session of government. Actually to give you a taste of life in education, I didn't even know if I was teaching summer school until mid-morning some time (yes, it does start Tuesday). I was offered speech (for which I would have to get an emergency certification, and then take the Excet exam for it), but government made. So a little bit of arm twisting later, I was set.

I went over to Roseanne's so that we could force her teenage son to be our chauffeur to/from Moody Colliseum for graduation. It was lovely. I wore the pink heels they gave me. Then I sat around at Roseanne's with her neighbors Lorraine and Randy until almost midnight.

Oh, and on the I'm a total idiot front. The pool pump wasn't working. Couldn't figure it out. Called to get it serviced. Paid the $50.00 service fee. Got the bill that said power shut off. Turned on. Working now. Excellent.

Saturday am - Waiting for the handyman to show up to fix the kitchen counter. Need to mow the lawn and clean the pool. I'm planning to go down to Austin today, so I'm going to have to once again throw it into high gear to get my stuff done. So, off I go.

9:35am addendum As I cleaned the pool jamming to a little Bruce Springsteen, I contemplated how the pool pump could have been off. I put this postulate before you: it's the damn real estate agents. One of them must have turned the power off at the switch instead of at the timer. I'm assuming the client wanted to see the pool without the water swirling about (looking for problems perhaps?), it was turned off but not turned back on. That's all I've got. I swear if I ever turned the pool off at the switch I would have tried that.

Oh, and the lawn mower string broke in my hand as I was trying to start it. Not sure how I'll be pinch hitting on this one. In the meantime, the handyman is working diligently. More later.

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