Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day looms and advice abounds

I just realized the day is about to get away from me with no post. That would not be acceptable. In the meantime, a friend sent me a link to the MSN Romance Page. Clearly, she has been reading the blog. One of the articles "Romantic Chemistry Explained" has a line that I love "Much like booze, cigarettes and reality TV, we know bad boys and girls are, well, bad for us, but we just can’t help ourselves."

Ironically, I am totally capable of avoiding the bad boys, although the booze and reality TV still have a hold on me.

I don't think I want someone who is bad for me, although a fabulous ability to kiss would be, well, really nice.

I have a friend who is totally Jonesing for a guy that is bad for her, well, mainly because he is a total dumbass dating someone else. (I admit he would be a great guy if he would get his head out of his spixter but how many guys can we say that about . . . um, most, bless their sweet little hearts.)

Included in the article is the question about one person feeing there is a great connection, while the other feels nothing. As my bf says, that's just good manners. As I have come to realize with date #5, he felt that the moment I decided we probably weren't a good match, I should have gotten up from the table and left. I wasn't done with my drink, and well, that is just weird.

At any rate, there are a ton of articles including a bit about what we can learn from our dogs. I still have a dream of writing a book comparing men to dogs. . . All men are dogs, some are just trained better than others. Let's not stop too long to think about how poorly trained my dogs are and what that might be saying about other areas. Sigh.

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