Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As I look at the dates of my postings it is clear that I have completely failed the 28 posts in 28 days. Scratch that, technically I have posted 29 times in 24 days, but I don't post each day. So, I have semi-failed. I am making a stretch here, but work with me. I find myself behaving in a similar fashion in relationships. I understand the concept. I want to do it. Yet, I still find myself dancing to the beat of a different drummer. Am I a failure or just intent upon doing it my own way?

All of this to say, that although there are many wonderful qualities to the Dane, and he has reminded me of how delightful it is to be treated well, but I still find relationships are hard. I have been single a long damn time. I am used to things being a certain way, at times, I might even accept that I am a curmudgeon. In addition, I am independent and used to having alone time.

You are getting the idea right? So, talking to the Dane last night I got a little stressed. I definitely need to take this slowly and work to not freak out and run. I was totally and completely ready to bail this morning. I have been in a totally crappy mood all day and the day was really stressful, so I am taking deep breaths, drinking my theraflu (I may actually be addicted, but that is a different post) and getting ready for bed.

We'll see where I am tomorrow.

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  1. I can't wait to get home so I can catch up with the EMOTIONS! Take your time. I'm with Cha Cha. On relationship and on NyQuil.