Saturday, February 7, 2009

The thank you note

So, following the social niceties, I sent Date #5 a thank you note. Actually, he sent a note saying he had a nice evening, so I replied.

Dear Date 5,

Thank YOU for a lovely evening. It was a nice date, and I enjoyed meeting you. Unfortunately, I don't think we are a good fit.

It turns out I am one of "those" girls; I would like to find someone who has the same religious believes that I do. I appreciate that you are still on the path looking, but I know that this is something important to me (perhaps my own baggage I've picked up through the years). I could probably ignore it for a while, but I think, in the end, it would be a problem.

Good luck. The right girl is out there waiting for you,

The Diva

Nice right? Sorry bastard sent a response!!

His response was titled: That's Okay. Last Question and I'll go.

It was clear when your body language went South. I wish you would have been direct. When something is that important why would you knowingly search outside your faith? It hurts my feelings much more that you do not value my time.

Be aware that his profile does read Christian/Protestant. And, really, it hurts his feelings??? I wanted to just write "get over it." but instead I wrote:

You probably shouldn't write that you are a Christian Protestant on your profile when really as you said last night you are a "deist".

Oh, and if you are going to claim honesty as a virtue, you might want to fix your profile. You aren't 38, you aren't a protestant and you don't have a bachelor's. Makes me wonder what else you consider ok to lie about.

Good luck,

The Diva
What the hell is wrong with this dude???


  1. I can't buh-lieve! he had the nerve to say you hurt his feelings for wasting his time. Didn't he totally waste yours with his lying lies?


    Mr. Date Guy wanted to go hear live music tonight. When I called with a live music suggestion, he said he decided he doesn't want to do music anymore and will instead call me back with other plans.

    I wish you and I were instead hanging out with our dogs and Ben and Jerry.

  2. I trust that both of you deserve better and eventually "better" will cross your path. I pray you know it when it happens. ;)

    Bless you both.

    Meanwhile my loving hubby of 23 years is being cranky so I'm having cabernet.

  3. Good for you. Get him liquored up too while you're at it.