Monday, February 16, 2009

Date #6

So, this didn't turn out quite how I imagined. Date 6 was supposed to occur when I got back in town.

On the way back from Conneticut the first day in NYC, I met a man on the train. We talked most of the way, and he gave me his number. He told me that he was meeting a friend for drinks, and he would love for me to join him.

We, the 14 students and 3 chaperones, went to Lion King that night (totally amazing). Afterwards, we went out for dessert. Totally exhausted and very late, I crashed and burned.

The next day, I told Daisy about it, and she insisted that I text him a note. "Sorry I couldn't make it" type thing. So, I did. He called and then we texted back and forth. We made a plan to meet for breakfast Sunday morning.

At one point on Saturday he left a message asking if we could move the time to about 10 am because of the train schedule. As he was leaving the message, he says never mind, don't change anything I will be there at 9am.

I called him and said we could change it; we would just have a little less time. He said he didn't want less time. I have no idea of what time he caught the train to get into Grand Central, but he did. Our plan was to meet at the clock in the middle of the terminal. While the children traipsed off to church Sunday morning, I headed towards Grand Central Station for a date. Certainly, it was easier to get ready for since by Sunday morning I was out of clean clothes and only had the trip home outfit!

So, I took a shower Snday night, packed my bags (really difficult considering the size of my bag and the purchases I had made) and watched TV.

Got up at 7am, dolled myself up with what was available and made it to the clock just as he was walking u to the clock.

We crossed the street and went to breakfast. We talked for about 3 hours. He ordered the bagel and lox and I got eggs. We talked the whole time. Once I spoke to JH, we headed out to find a cab. He rode with me to the restaurant where I was meeting everyone, and I have to admit, I was loath to leave him.

After breakfast, I got a policeman on the street to take our picture.

*As a side note when the kids and JH finished church they headed to lunch and called me, but I didn't hear the phone So, then I had a succession of messages because they were concerned I was being chopped up into pieces.

I sent a text saying thank you for a lovely morning, and then he sent a response, and we were off again.

We went to the Met, after a short visit to the Egyptian room (and texting) which is my favorite part of the museum, I returned to the main hall so that we could talk some more.

Back to the hotel, talked to him again. To the airport, talked to him some more and oh, yes, we texted in between/ Is this not the craziest shit ever?

It's weird. I'm a little freaked out, but I can't stop myself either.

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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! It's just like a movie! So, now what? Do tell, because I'm totally living vicariously through you, my dear.