Friday, February 13, 2009

Back on the farm

OK, while I have been running around New York like a mad thing, things have been happening back at school, I shall attempt to condense and be clear.

Background: There is a program called SASI that allows teachers to look up student schedules. Because I have so many kids that look up schedules ALL of the time, I have 3 log ins. This allows me to have kids working on the two computers across my room that I can see and the one at my desk. Technically students aren't supposed to be on SASI but it is an understood that my kids do this with my supervision.

It turns out that another teacher who is a bit of a bitch and a total idiot threw me under the bus as it were.

She has a rose thing she does with her organization (giving roses to raise money). So they had to look up a lot of schedules. The assistant principal went through the teachers workroom yesterday and saw four girls looking up schedules on sasi with NO ADULT in sight.

She was upset to say the least. In her conversation with the principal she said words to the effect of how all these girls have been saying over and over how they look up schedules all of the time and that they kept telling her that I would give her my password happily. WHAT? Why would she even mention my name?

She had called me the night before to ask for my password, but I didn't call her back. The principal called me this morning and left a message saying that another teacher has made the "accusation?" and that he is just trying to find out the truth, and if it is true he will have to fill out a report??!! Got to be kidding me. I want to beat the shit out of the stupid fat proxide bitch.

So, my SASI acount has been cancelled and I have to meet with her and the principal next week. Can't tell you how thrilled I am about all of that.

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