Friday, February 6, 2009

New Career? Perhaps not

Well, it was a bit of a cluster. Let's start with that.

I raced home after school to feed the dogs, grab my stuff and head back to school. We were told that there would be someone at school to do our hair and make-up, so I didn't have much make-up on at all, but I did bring my curling iron because I figured they would not be interested in curling my hair, but I could stand there and do it before they did anything else to my hair. As they say, I figgured wrong.

I am back to school before 5pm, in fact, I am the first girl back, so I start heating the curling iron and getting to work. Other people begin to arrive, and then the make-up lady arrives and starts setting up. She informs us that we were supposed to come already done up, and she was just adding a little umph. Ummm, come again? So, we are a little bent, but she starts getting defensive and repeating herself. We understood, but we also knew that about half of us arrived with NO freaking make-up on. Chit.

Apparently, about half of the girls were also told that jewelry would be provided. Turns out, not the case. So there are about 15 of us that need to have our make-up done. At some point one of the teachers got a piece of paper so that we could "sign" up to get faces done. Me, I might have thought we would do it in order of when we were going on. Apparently not, Or, maybe we would do it in order of when we got there, no, not doing it that way either. So, I don't sit down in the chair to get my make-up done until 3 minutes before we go on . . .did I mention I was SECOND to go on stage? Literally I have JUST SAT down in the stupid make-up ladies chair when they start yelling, we're about to go on. . . line up everybody. I don't even have the dress on yet.

The whole thing at this point is just a cluster. Totally and completely.

One of the teachers in the show is a short, bitter, cranky woman that has been teaching at the HS for a long, long time. As you might guess, we don't get along. She, at some point as we were getting ready, starts curling her hair with my curling iron. I look at her as she's curling my hair, and she just looks back, no acknowledgment of the fact she has used my curling iron.

Meanwhile, another 'model' looks around and asks if there is a curling iron she could use. . . The short, bitter, cranky woman looks at her and says, yes, she can use this curling iron. . . OMG are you freaking kidding me? Bitch uses my curling iron and then offers it up to others??? I nearly lost my freaking mind.

Then the teacher in charge of the club brings out these lovely bags of 'gifts' from Saks Fifth Ave (the store that provided all of the clothes.) They are all a little different, so, of course, I get the hand lotion that smells like a 90 year old woman. (I know this makes me ungrateful and an alcoholic but I seriously needed a freaking drink at that point because I just wanted to throw the lotion against the wall. . . Like I really needed to get home and take a shower because I put the stupid lotion on my hands and it smelled AWFUL.

I suppose it all turned out ok. I did not fall. (That was my primary goal.) I did not trip (almost did that.) I did ok. And the dress rocked! (The photo does NOT do it justice!)

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  1. Actually there was the first time we went by ourselves but my sweet duderhead working the camera only got a butt shot (available for viewing on Facebook) that was the finale with all of us.