Monday, February 23, 2009

The Summary

Showed back up at his hotel at about 8:30. We started talking, and I have to admit, we took a few minutes (an hour) just to lay still. I really needed more sleep. Once we got going we headed out to meet my friend, Daisy, at a pub. She was looking very fetching and being very charming, which was somewhat annoying since I told her she was allowed to be neither. (This will be important later.) She did snap a photo of us as a memento for the blog.

While chatting and such, Daisy mentioned that she saw a for lease sign in front of an apt building around the corner from her that our friend, Dumbass (I use this term with great affection), lives in. This, we decided, was mildly concerning because he is dating a girl, although lovely as a human being, that is not the right girl for him. Text messaging research began immediately. In the course of that, we discovered that Dumbass was actually at another pub that we have been known to frequent, so, what the hell, off we went. The Dane was very agreeable to everything. I'm rather charmed by that. He says he is not always so agreeable, but I've had no indication of that yet.

We arrived at the Monk and proceeded to chat etc. It was a lovely afternoon. It was clear to me that Dumbass was in a bad place with the gf. I was very glad that Daisy, who has had her eye on Dumbass for a while was looking so fetching. The Dane, being a gentleman and sweetheart, paid for everyone's drinks.

In the meantime, we'd been there so long, it was time to go to dinner . . .yes, I spent all of Saturday in eating establishments.

So, the four of us went to the Greek place that Daisy and I love so. At this point, I must confess, I was about to fall into my food I was sooooo tired. The evening ended a little early (8:30?), but the Dane was charming and sweet throughout.

Sunday, Tex-Mex was again the order of the day. We got Daisy and Dumbass to join us (cause they are just fun.) It was brunch at Matitoe's.

Later, we went to the Dallas Aquarium which I think I've been to once before, but don't remember. It was really cool, and I totally enjoyed it. There are a couple of places where it is possible to sit and just enjoy the fish and animals, so it was nice to be able to sit and talk.

For dinner, we went to Truluck's. It was totally delicious.

I'm sure I have more to write about the EMOTIONS and such, but I haven't fully processed everything, and honestly, I'm trying to figure out where I am myself. It was a lot for a second date.

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  1. Take your time processing. It is a super-sized date and obviously not just a "what a tool" write-off. I am excited for you!