Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taking no chances

After yesterday's near miss, I thought it would be prudent to go ahead and blog now, rather than later.

At the moment I am on hold for GoDaddy because my log in for my soon to be cool website isn't working.

I'm not twittering too much because Betwittered this fun gadget on my igoogle page isn't working properly. Apparently Twitter thinks that Be twittered is one person posting a whole hellofalot rather than a bazillion people twittering through this application.

The fax machine is on the fritz but I can't just buy a new one because we are upgrading the school phone system and it seems not all fax machines will work properly with the new system.

The people that know and love me sit through long periods of silence on the phone waiting for me to realize I've (once again) put them on hold with an ear that operates independently.

Remind me of how great all this crap is.


  1. Ain't technology grand? In the past week, both of my printers have crapped out and now the scanner isn't working. *silent scream of frustration*

  2. As one who enjoys being put on hold by her little sis and as an absolute technophile, you're way ahead of me. :)