Saturday, February 21, 2009

How is this possible?

I don't know what to say. He is a great guy. I am totally wowed. Honestly, I keep thinking that at some point I'm going to say or do something and he's gonna look at me funny and go, "oh, you were great right up until I discovered X (your cat is retarded, you hate beans etc etc)." I keep looking at him thinking, I can't believe he's not annoying yet."

I have no words. I woke up at the crack of freaking dawn this morning (possibly from the headache. . . ). I am still balanced between the fear of the wheels falling off and the excitement that they won't.

I walked to his hotel room last night and as I was approaching, I was thinking that I could just turn around and go home. No need to keep walking, but I took a couple of deep breaths and knocked on the door. . . he opened it, and it was OK. Know what I mean? I just looked at him and thought, wow you really are cute, and wow there is something still there. And he was sweet, and casual and he gave me his driver's license so I could text it to Mom. (Seriously, Mom, now freaking relax.)

For those reading the twitter, this is just a total repeat, bar, dinner, bar, home. Did I mention that we had our first kiss? And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, he kisses really well. WOW.