Monday, November 10, 2008

Work Avoidance and Killing the dogs

Today did not begin well. Sabrina, that wretched piece of shit dog, began the morning barking. . . and barking . . . and barking. In fact, she barked all morning except for the short period of time when I took her and Buddy on our "hunt for food" walk. I have a migraine. Lights are out in the room, and I've had two of my magic pills, as MB likes to refer to them.

As you might imagine, I am not much use to anyone at the moment, so I have been blogging and reading other blogs. Actually, I really like to go to my sister's blog because she always makes references to other people's blogs. (It's like a dating service - hundreds of men out there, but the dating service weeds through some of the crap, so you have a smaller and hopefully, better pool from which to choose.) At any rate, she sent me to Noodleroux that I am totally in love with because she is very funny. (Her heart is bruised right now and it was almost surreal how quickly I remembered the terrible pain of breaking up with someone I thought was Mr. Wonderful. Sigh.) She then sent me to Diary of a Dying Mom . Maybe not the best choice because crying doesn't ever help a headache. It made my heart ache and reminded me of how important it is to live life as if every day matters and what we do matters because she got to prepare for death and was totally aware of how much meaning there is and most of the time we aren't prepared and forget.

Actually, Sis and I have been discussing the many and various workings of the blog world. For instance, we both have noticed that when you link to some people's blogs they will then comment on your blog. Hmm, I say interesting. Wonder how she knew I did that when I see a comment from Mrs. G . . . .and then off I go doing something else. Not sis. She contemplated. She wondered. She researched. She figured it out. Go Fran! So, although it isn't why I link. I link (and probably she does too quite frankly) cause I want you to follow my train of though (I realize I jump the tracks sometimes, and I don't want anyone left behind.)

That's all for now, folks!

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