Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spirit Week

As student council assistant sponsor, I decided that this year I would participate fully in spirit week. I have to admit I had a really good time. Day one was favorite tv show. Since I had purchased a fun little 70's outfit the week before school started for what I knew would be 70's day, I decided to say "That 70's Show" was my favorite (although I've seen it maybe 3 times). It was a lot of fun, and a bunch of my kids were dressing up too. Tuesday was twins day. Mr. Hinton, student council sponsor and all-around cool guy, dressed as my twin. Well, technically, I dressed as his twin. He's a total freak for UT. I had to get a shot of his backside because if you look carefully what you see is that he has the wallet, watch and belt that all have Texas Longhorns on them. Oh and shoes. There are probably matching boxers too. Didn't ask. Didn't want to know.

Wednesday was the Great Outdoors day. I saw the pink camo pants at the balloon festival and knew that I had to have them. Ah, and then Thursday: favorite holiday. I don't know that Easter really is my favorite holiday, but I do look cute as a rabbit ; ) Two of my very creative girls decided that mother's day was their favorite holiday so they came pregnant with babies. Too silly. Friday, of course, was spirit day. So we all came dressed for the football game. One of my girl's mom made mums for her son's football girls, her daughter and me. How much fun is that??? I love it. One of the "unique" things about HP is that the girls don't ever wear mums for homecoming. My student's mom is determined to bring the mum to hp. I seriously doubt it works, but I do like mine. Makes me think about my own high school days.


  1. For the love.....NO MUMS AT HP.

  2. That is way too funny! I would think a school like HP would not allow kids to dress up as "pregnant" moms, even for mother's day. However, your students seem very clever