Monday, November 10, 2008

Home Tour

My next door neighbor, Emily, foolishly volunteered to be a house captain for our neighborhood home tour. She then sucked her foolish neighbors into working the house (Linda, Gail and I). Some how I got sucked into TWO shifts. That means I was there from 11-4 (It was supposed to be until 5, but by four I was ready to starting gnawing on the door frame I was so freaking hungry, so she let me leave).

In addition, Emily thought it would be a good idea to put me in the Kitchen all day . . . the kitchen? I stood holding the fridge up staring at the clock on the stove . . .all ding dong day. I had to throw in a picture of the front bathroom that I am very keen for and hope I can manage to have something similar to someday when I actually have money to redo the bathroom. I did manage to get away though. I made a run for the border (ha ha we ate at On the Border) with my friend, K.

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