Monday, November 3, 2008

Gossip Girls

So, many of the HP kids watch Gossip Girls. It's a strange little socialite show set in New York City that occasionally parallels life in our own little bubble. A quote from the show, "Princeton is a trade school, there is only Yale."
At any rate, what is the most fun is that we actually have a girl at our school that sends an email out once a week listing the events of the last week. I usually get one of the girls to show it to me, but then they have to tell me what all the initials and everything means. The girl that does it is a great writer. Very similar to the girl on gg.

Does this in any way make them think a little bit harder before they do anything stupid that gets caught and put on the email? Nope, apparently not. At what age do we actually start thinking about how what we do follows us . . . I have no idea, but for some of these girls, the time can't come soon enough.

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