Monday, November 10, 2008

The tech people left to torture me

Some of you may recall that CHUCK one of my favorite people in the world happened to work at the high school for many years. I loved Chuck. He had a naughty sense of humor. He was fun to make fix wires under the desks because he had a cute hiney. AND HE WAS SMART. Not run of the mill smart, but computer smart. In addition, he didn't like it when he didn't know things. So if he had to fix a problem but discovered he didn't know the answer. He would hit the internet and start researching. He was very good at his job, but a bit of a scamp, so his boss would become very frustrated and unhappy. Sadly, Chuck is now helping other people in the world.

What he left behind was a decided mess. (A request for clarification has been made. He left behind a mess because he left. It was great when he was here. But then he left. And then it was a mess. Hope that helps) Sigh. I try not to hold that against him because as afore mentioned he is a sweetie.

Please note the two people that I shall refer to as Frick and Frack. Working hard. Testing the interactive Promethean Board that wasn't working properly earlier this week. Great right? Hmmm, not so much. So, I have a problem with my promethean board. Actually, I usually have problems any time I go to use it these days. There were many frustrations with it earlier in the yearbook, but we won't focus on that.

So, I am sitting quietly in my office during 7th (working on the computer as the number of blog posts today can attest) when I realized F and F were across the room at the two computers you see in the distance. The left computer is connected to the projection system.

(As Frack has worked on the projection system in the past I would expect her to know that but it turns out she has a strange and bizarre illness. Something is growing inside of her. Word on the street is that in 9 months (well, less than that now) she will recover, but in the meantime that is the explanation given for ANY STUPIDITY she shows. Sorry, I digress.

They are working on the right computer. Hmm, I think to myself. Should I tell them they are on the wrong computer? No, (Cause I'm mean like that) I think I'll just see how long they sit there. About 10 15 minutes later I hear "Oh, it's actually connected to the other computer" sigh. NO FREAKING DUH.

The next thing I see they have disconnected the left computer (computer especially set up to be the projection system computer) and connected the right computer (especially set up to be the ID machine computer). I see red. I mean I am fired up and unhappy.

I hop up, head out to see them working on the board at the front of the room. I say, " You realize the board needs to be connected to the left computer right?" silence. "You need to put it back the way it was." silence. Back to my office.

Few minutes later, both computers shut down, and Frick and Frack are gone.

They catch our campus IT girl, Shelly, in the hallway and say I'm mad, but they left because I was upset, but golly they couldn't figure out how to fix the problem"

THIS IS WHY I DON'T OWN A GUN. OK, there is also the complete lack of coordination I have that coudl likely land me with a shot foot, but this is at least one of the reasons.

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