Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The problem with addiction

Well, I'm certain there are multiple problems with addiction. Today, I discuss the problem with the HGTV addiction. And, I'm not even going to focus on the HOURS that can be lost watching HGTV. Sit down Saturday morning, perhaps to put my shoes on to take the evil precious dogs for their morning walk and find myself FIVE HOURS LATER still in front of the TV trying to determine if I could spray paint a roll of gauze enough to turn it into a hard backed lamp shade.

Sorry, back on topic. So, I was watching the Top 25 mistakes people make in decorating (mostly just to be certain that I wasn't on the list not to laugh with amusement at what the foolish and untalented do with their homes.)

Sure enough, there I was. Decorating with fake flowers (well, if you've seen my gardening abilities you would understand this one.). Multiple famous and somewhat famous decorators remarked on the horror of the fake flowers anywhere in the home. Sigh. Fine, so off I go to find "dried flowers" and such. . . Michael's? Nope. World Market? Nope. Target? Nope. NOWHERE. I was finally forced to go to . . . . GARDEN RIDGE. That's right the first ring of hell. (What is so bad about Garden Ridge? It's almost impossible to describe but briefly, it is huge, full of stupid slow moving people and very long lines to check out. Wretched.)

So, I packed a lunch and headed off for the very distant Gardenridge. I guess on the plus side of this sad tale, it did have the dried stuff for which I searched. Please feel free to ooh and aaahh accordingly. My front door is now beautifully graced by the totally acceptable dried stuff instead of the terribly gauche and suspect fake stuff.

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