Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 words: Worst Date

Listening to the radio this morning, they were asking people to call in and give three words to describe their worst date. Although I didn't call in here they are for you: U2, American Eagle, The mall.

The story? Well, it began early one morning as I listened to the radio. The radio station had a contest to win U2 tickets. I was on my way to a photography class full of students in possession of cellphones. So, the time goes, and I set the kids to a'calling.

However, something weird happened. Apparently some guy had called into the radio station and said that he had two tickets and he was willing to let the radio station choose a girl to go with him.

Well, when you have a posse of kids calling for you, you pretty much get the bet on that one. So there I was. No ticket, but a date and a ticket. So, he works for American Eagle. The airline you ask? Oh, no, American Freaking Eagle Outfitters. Holy. Crap.

Turns out the kid went to school at North Texas. He wasn't comfortable driving in Dallas, and he only knew how to get to Valley View Mall. So, we met there.

He drove like shit. Slowly. Like a very old woman.

We got to the show . . . the tickets weren't even near each other. No where near. I actually called a student who was supposed to be at the concert to make sure I would have a ride home if he disappeared.

On the plus side I worked my way closer and closer to the stage so I ended up with pretty good seats.

In the meantime, his dumb underage butt was drinking all night. Met back at his car, not realizing he had been drinking until AFTER I was in the car and he started driving, I basically gripped my seat and prayed to make it safely back to my car.

So, very not ok. There. One of the worst dates ever. If it can even be called a date that is.

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  1. Oh my. I'm laughing, but somehow sorry I'm laughing. It is funny, though.

    Is it a coincidence that both the date and the blog-thought were brought on by radio promos? I guess so, but still....