Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doing School

I have a confession to make. Our administration decided we would have book studies this year. The book is Doing School. (No you can't click to look inside, I snagged the image from ) I haven't read it. We are having a book study 7th period.

OK, being a fairly quick reader I made it half-way through the book. It has 5 studies of individual students and what school is like for each. I read 3 of the 5. Probably didn't matter because
a. the principal, leader of our book study, was sick 6th and went home.
b. I was in a room with 7 coaches and a special ed teacher. 6 of the coaches clearly hadn't read, and that left the special ed teacher and me. . .
c. One of the coaches (had read) volunteered to lead the discussion for the p. The rest of the coaches basically said nothing. The p's assistant came by and said something to the effect of not taking attendance. One of the coaches IMMEDIATELY stood up to leave.

I totally get not wanting to read the book or not having time or feeling pressure to do too much . . soooo many of the kids, but this was pathetic. Book studies are about intelligent discussion, the exchange of ideas, learning from colleagues. NOT sitting with a bunch of jerks who can't be bothered to even discuss what the book was about whether or not they had read it. Un freaking believeable.


  1. That is so sad. But on a lighter note - I did click the image just to confirm the obvious, clearly stated by the auther....*ahem* the published author. It's kinda like touching wet paint when there's a "wet paint" sign.

  2. ps. I know how to spell authOr, but I was distracted by a strange white cat with an enormous bell wandering into my office and trying to jump onto my lap while I was typing. Why can't we have spellcheck for comments????