Monday, November 10, 2008

The Tale of the Trophy Case

Ok, so I thought I wrote about this in August, but when I go back, I discover that I did not. Drat.

That means I have to give the back story before I can give the current story. I'll try to keep it to the point. I have added visual aides especially for those that need 'em. So, first as you walk down the hallway towards the journalism wing, you approach with the trophy case on the left. The yearbook and newspaper staffs have historically split this case and decorated appropriately. The newspaper door is on the right and then you go through two doors that, in effect, lead to the yearbook wing. There are two banks of lockers that newspaper and yearbook kids generally split.

Now, once through the double doors there is a classroom on the left. That has been a newspaper staff room, but now it is an English room because there aren't enough rooms in the building for all of the classes. On the right is a door that leads to my office, but alas, doesn't actually open, so it just makes people think that knocking on it will get them somewhere, but it only gets them on my last nerve most of the time. The door straight ahead, obviously, leads to the Highlander yearbook room. hoorah. Please note the areas above the lockers marked by the red line. I will refer to these later in the story.

I teach with X. X used to actually have two rooms as mentioned above. When he lost the second room, he was, apparently, at a LOSS (I mean totally and completely BEWILDERED as to where to put the MANY trophies that the newspaper staff had won through the years).

The principal, not finding this to be the most important thing he would deal with the week before school started, casually said, "Won't don't you hang them in the hallway above the lockers?" Problem solved.

But no, alas X was ssscccaaarrreeeedddd to ask the mean yearbook teacher if it was ok to put the trophies in said hallway. So the principal sent an email. Fine with me she said, but he might want to put them in his room where his children can see them first, and put the extras in the hall. . . (please refer to above image that shows the double doors and that the newspaper kids would NEVER see said trophies unless they had a locker in that back hall).

The Principal wrote back with perhaps a touch of a snap in the email. Hmm said the yearbook adviser, wonder what that is about, but having many things to do THE WEEK BEFORE SCHOOL, she didn't waste a lot of brain cells on that one.

In the meantime, it was pointed out that the trophy case was looking a little sad and woebegone and perhaps we could spruce it up. So,I the yearbook adviser suggested he put the trophies in the case . . . because there were soooo very many of them you know.

A few more exchanges occurred that almost caused the yearbook adviser to choke the living shit become very frustrated with her coworker.

I will include one of the exchanges involved. The yearbook adviser requested that a big sign that said Newspaper not be put in the trophy case, but that it rather say Journalism to represent everyone, so that, and I quote, "God forbid, the yearbook ever get a trophy we could add it to the case too." In response to that foolish remark, X went down to the principal to say he wasn't sure of what he should do because the yearbook adviser had changed her mind and DIDNT WANT ANY NEWSPAPER TROPHIES TO GO IN THE CASE BECAUSE SHE WANTED IT ALL FOR YEARBOOK.

"WHAT?" She explained later that afternoon as she sat in the principal's office trying to figure out how she could kill and hide the body of learn to communicate better with her coworker.

At any rate, after many months, (It is, after all, now November) of calling and checking in with the maintenance guys, the yearbook adviser got the shelves put up for ALL OF THE MANY TROPHIES . . . please see below, what currently resides in the trophy case.

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