Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Dog Whisperer

My friend, BB, calls me up on Saturday and tells me about something going on at the pet store across from her neighborhood. Although she didn't want to insinuate that I might need assistance with the ding dong dogs, but maayyybbbeee I might want to go to this thing. She had been that day, and she was really impressed. So, Sunday afternoon, after hanging with my friend, Mimi, for a wee bit, I headed back home to snag the dogs before going to the pet store. Well, I have to admit I was totally amazed. Mark German is the American Dog Whisperer and Janice Wolfe is his sidekick. I was impressed enough that I scheduled for them to come work with the Hellion, her little companion and me on Wednesday. I wish I had gotten pictures. It was really cool.

We worked on many things. The most important is the shht noise and the poke in the neck (mimicing the bite of the pack leader grrrr that's me). It turned out that I had a little trouble mastering the noise and the bite, but I did before all was said and done.

At any rate, I cannot reveal the secrets of the whisperer, the dogs are not yet perfect, but by netty jingo, they are getting better. hoo rah!

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  1. When I don't have to get off the phone to avoid hearing the dogs chew off your arm, we will know we have "arrived". God bless the dog-whisperer. May the beasts heed.