Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a day!

Well, first of all, my dear friend HW was over at my house last night until AFTER midnight (3 hours past my bedtime for those of you keeping track!) working on the real estate book. We went through the entire freaking thing and alllllll of the corrections the boys had given us making corrections or figuring out why we weren't making the corrections or making different corrections than the ones they suggested.

I hardly slept at all. I just couldn't get comfortable. I would try to sleep on my side, but it was as if I could feel my innards hanging free with no place to rest since the gall bladder was gone. Uncomfortable.

Buddy woke up at about 4am because he desperately needed to potty, then they both were up at 6am because, well, they were up.

I got to HSM early to meet the boys for the meeting that started at 8:30am. We finished at about 2pm. Of course now I am home and they are sacked out sleeping. Rotten dogs.

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