Monday, July 28, 2008

Sex and the City

First of all, I love the TV show. To me, it is a lot like Seinfeld. In many ways it was a show about nothing, but that so many people can identify with it. I love the different personalities of the four girls. I know I see parts of myself in each. Don't you wonder who you might be most like? Take the SATC Quiz and find out . . . I'm 50% Carrie, 20% Charlotte and Samantha and 10% Miranda. Hmmmm

OK, onward, it was a great movie. MB mentioned that we needed kleenex and then we promptly forgot them which was a mistake because we both were crying! Afterwards, the good Major was a sweetheart and let us sit on the trampoline in the backyard, sans children talking about life etc. I'm really glad I waited to see the movie until we could see it together.

I will admit that the relationship of Carrie and Big with its back and forth and highs and lows has reminded me quite a bit of my relationship with JD. So watching the movie did make me sad in parts as I thought about that relationship.

I have to see it again, because I was quite busy with the story and not focused enough on the clothing. One of the first outfits you see Carrie in is the white dress to the left. Would have been fine except for the freaking HUGE flower at her neck. She wears a wedding dress later in the movie with a feather/bird on her head. So very not ok.

I really don't understand why the clothing people decided she had to wear such ridiculous outfits all the time. Couldn't she be hip but not silly? I wonder if it makes Clinton's and Stacy's (What Not to Wear fame) teeth hurt. As always watching those girls makes me want to improve my own style. Oh, and wear my heels more.

I know I have not achieved success in this area, but I think one of the reasons I started blogging is because I have always been so enchanted by Carrie as she wrote and talked through the shows. Busy at her laptop contemplating the world. Of course, she didn't have silly dogs at her feet destroying everything they get their little paws on.

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