Friday, July 11, 2008

this and that

For a girl not doing too dang much these days, you'd think I'd be better about blogging.

Tuesday I met with the boys of real estate. Went fine, although they are still coming up with things they want me to do/change (after the book has been sent to the printers - twice now). sigh.

Tuesday night I took Roseanne and her daughter, Kara, out for Roseanne's bday. We went to Hibiscus. It was lots of fun. Totally chi-chi. My camera was acting up so Kara took the token picture. If I ever get it from her I'll post it.

Wednesday, well, I'm not sure of what I did. Wait. I went to lunch with Shelly at Bankok City. I love that place. It is such good food, but a huge quantity, but it was good because Shelly took the left overs. From there, we went to Target and I found a book shelf to put all of my stereo stuff on. Everything has been on the floor and really annoying me. So I am really excited that I finally found something that looks good, fairly inexpensive and everything fits on.

Shelly and I parted ways but met up again late at The Porch. I love that restaurant. Pam's husband, Jim and I have discussed that The Porch has fantastic hamburgers. I mean amazingly good. They also have a strawberry/vodka drink that is really yummy. After that, we crossed the street to The Monk and met up with Chuck, my favorite computer uber-nerd, and his friends. We left there at 1am. I felt very hip and happening that I stayed out so late.

Thursday I know was a total loss because I woke up with a headache and had it all day. I know what you are thinking (I thought that too), but I only had 2 drinks in 4 1/2 hours and I drank a lot of water. I'd also like to add I woke this morning with a headache. Grrr.

I had to take a dvd of the real estate book up to Henry S. Miller Company this morning, and in a little bit I'm going to roll over to Roseanne's so that we can go to Neiman's for our Makeovers!! Maybe my camera will work today.

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  1. Your makeover looked AMAZING!!!