Sunday, July 27, 2008


Well, my little adventure began on a bright Monday morning. Things started getting really exciting a little before noon when I was pulled over with three or four other cars because the police were cheating. They used a plane. That is just wrong. On the plus side, he very kindly made the ticket out for 80 instead of 83 so that it wouldn't go on my record. This is important since some of you may recall I'm still on a little thing called deferred adjudication where I promise to not speed for six months. . . oops.

In the meantime, as always, MB asked me to be sure I had my insurance in the car. Forgot it. So, we had to call my insurance guy and get it faxed to the Majors office so that I could get on the base.

Once I got there it was great. We had a mini movie fest. We went to Wanted with Angelina Jolie (exellenct, a fabulous example of bang bang shoot 'em up done right). Sex and the City (awesome - more later) and Mamma Mia (So very wretchedly bad).

We did, as MB and I do, we chatted, we hung out, we ate, and in between those activities we shuttled children from one place to another. Yup that sums it up.

Poor G had to give up her room for me. About Wednesday she was ready to have her room back. But she was a total trooper and stayed with big brother B the entire time.

Smack in the middle of the back yard is a huge sunflower that the good Major planted. What a fun way to be greeted in the morning. By the end of the week, it was starting to look a little sad. Not sad, like Daisy, aka dead dog. She loves to be outside in the sun. Everytime I'd glance outside I'd have to look twice cause the silly dog really did look dead!

She is a funny girl. Sometimes she just goes to her kennel. The day is too much, she can't bear it, so off she goes. (Sometimes I feel the same way.)

It was a great week. Relaxing and fun. A couple of Target runs, a trip to the mall, Best Buy and AT&T. Oh, and several trips to the Commissary. You can't beat chillin' with your bff.

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