Sunday, July 20, 2008

Disappointing News

Turns out I am not the next Lottery Millionaire. I am deeply saddened by this.

Yesterday I had a meeting about the student directory (since I'm the assistant student council sponsor next year this is part of my duties). I was mildly annoyed because I don't think the student did everything he should have done to be prepared for the meeting. That meant that we got to sit there and wait as he went through trying to remember problems etc.

In addition, he was going to send me a list of the advertisers that we had problems with their not so "camera ready" ads. He didn't do that. On the plus side, I sent him an email a few minutes ago that said since he didn't send me the list, he would be making the calls. The meeting lasted 3 hours, and I left with a ferocious headache. I basically went to bed at 7pm

Today I got up, went to church and then came home and started working on the backyard. Mom and Dad came over and helped me cut holes in the back of the bookcase and hook the stereo/Dish system back up after situating everything. Fine example of team work.

By the time they left I was fairly certain that my A/C had indeed gone out. So, now I have all 7 of the functioning windows open. Emily loaned me a fan, so the dogs and I shall have 2 fans going in the bedroom. Makes me long for one of the Big Ass Fans Mom's former company made. Oh, and I was on hold for about 20 minutes before I got anyone at the warranty company and, of course, they said someone would call tomorrow to schedule a time to look at the A/C. Did I mention I can't even hold my head in the freezer because that died a couple of days ago?????

So, it is 9:30pm, I'm still doing laundry, haven't packed, have done half of what I need to do to be ready to leave in the morning for Oklahoma, and I feel like my head may explode. OK, it isn't THAT bad, but it isn't great either!

Quick side note, Buddy just realized that a window in the TV room is open. He got his front paws on the window and then moved his head farther and farther out like he wasn't sure of what to do but knew that it was interesting that he could see the ground below. Oh, and both dogs are totally panting.

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