Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oops left out details

Ok, so I realize reviewing el blogo that I have failed to included some pertinent details. (Blame the drugs). I did have my gall bladder out Friday. Poor Mom and Dad drove back from visiting Monica and company in Atlanta to take me to the hospital and sit with me. I was released at about 7pm and we headed home. Poor Mom spent the night with me and stayed for part of Saturday. It was uncomfortable and I have little cuts across my belly, but I did not need 24 hour watching so she got to go home.

Once Mom was reassured that I would survive and didn't need lots of observation, she and Dad made plans to head out to Virginia to see Keith and company. Hopefully they are able to have a good time enjoying the Washington D.C. fireworks.

At any rate with any luck the scars will heal soon and when I go to the doctor Monday, he'll tell me I'm in shipshop shape.

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