Sunday, July 27, 2008

Before heading out

It was the third week of the month as I prepared to go out of town to visit my BFF, so it was time for the big trash pick-up. I started cutting up bushes I hate. I have freaking berry bushes all over the backyard. I even got Dad to loan me the sharp shooter shovel, but I haven't quite gotten around to using it.

We conveniently have an abandoned house on the street that we all use to leave our trash. I also started pulling out bricks I hate. Please note that what you are see isn't all of the bricks I pulled up. As I worked my way down the path pulling up said bricks, I realized that there is a second layer beneath the first. I find myself incredibly impressed with the previous owner's ability to find so many places for the bricks to go while at the same time being so annoyed I could scream. I still have more bricks to pull, but I guess they will have to wait until the third week of August! On the plus side M and D took a bunch of the last round of bricks, so maybe they will be up for getting some more this round. Then I won't have to wait.

I have to admit after pulling all of the bricks up and walking them out to the front, the next day I could hardly sit on the royal throne without falling the last few inches because my muscles were sooo freaking tired. I really do have to exercise more.

I also managed to get Mom and Dad to help get the bookcase set up and install the stereo etc. It looks soooo much better than having the stereo on the floor. That just seems to scream "my first home" to me. It's like putting everything in the bookcase was all it took to give it a polished look. The picture doesn't make it look polished, but trust me, it is getting there. At any rate, we got it all put together although when DVDs play, you can hear and see the tv station playing in the background. Annoying, but survivable until another day.

I'm pretty sure once I get all of the real estate book stuff out of the closet, I'll be able to find a way to put all of my cd's in the closet which will clear out some space in the room too.

So, when I left for Oklahoma Monday morning, I had gotten lots done. I did end up packing totally at the last minute which meant I forgot the four yearbooks I was supposed to have critiqued. oops. I haven't quite gotten around to that yet either.

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