Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sun Shines in Denton

Sunday evening I drove up to Denton to attend the dinner and meeting for everyone teaching at the Jostens Summer Workshop. Dinner was at Carino's. It is an Italian restaurant with what can only be referred to as one of the most super yummy drinks ever: Amalfi Strawberry Lemonade. I suggest you get one if you ever find yourself near that place!

I had to drive back home to take care of the hellion and her little companion. I also had to fill up all of my neighbors trashcans since I had way more trash than room for said trash.

Monday morning I got up and took the kids to the Canine Country Club. Doesn't it look nice and fancy? With a swimming hole for the dogs to romp about and try to eat each other's legs. I like that they even have a fire hydrant in the middle of the play yard. Who doesn't like a good fire hydrant to pee on? I ran by school and then headed up to Denton for three days of fun. I was supposed to be "interning" to learn how to teach the Business Manager section. I was "interning" with a lady that was a little "stern" and not all that damn friendly. I have to admit, it's hard to stay excited when you just want to leave the room.

We did get to go to dinner Monday night and Tuesday night too - yummy : )

Most of the advisers stay in the hotel, but I just stay at my friend Cindy's house. What is really fun is that Monday night after dinner we went to another restaurant to listen to a friend of Cindy's daughter play. Kaleigh, her daughter, sang a couple of songs with him too. She is really good!

Cindy let me know that I click my teeth at night. Not a problem for me, per se, but quite annoying for anyone who might be trying to sleep near by. I called Dr. K, my dentist, and I was told to take two advil at night. Didn't click last night, so maybe it will work.

I also had a really bad sore throat when I woke up yesterday and then again this morning. I left the workshop a little early, picked up the dogs and then went to bed. Got up and felt worse. That's crap. I am supposed to go to lunch with my friend PC, but I'm not going to be able to if I am freaking sick. (She's been fighting her own health issues and bringing more illness into the mix is NOT on the approved activities list!)

Oh, and my freezer doesn't appear to be working correctly, so I'm trying to determine if I have lost all of my frozen foods!

So, I am back at home for the next four days before I head off on my next adventure.

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