Monday, July 28, 2008

Back in Dallas for Four

So, I got back in town Friday afternoon, got the dogs and tried to get myself focused on working on the real estate book. I got all of the proofing done and the book to the boys this afternoon. While I am in San Francisco, I expect them to be proofing madly.

I'll come back, get their changes, make 'em and mail 'em to the plant.

I got a new phone so that I would have a phone/palm in one unit instead of two things to keep up with. The downside is that I am having trouble working the phone. My ear appears to be especially talented at dialing numbers while I'm on the phone, putting calls on hold (unintentially), and, of course, hanging up on people.

I got the dogs on Friday and they will return to the canine country club tomorrow morning. Cat, in the meantime, has been living large next door at Emily's. In fact, when he hears my voice, he runs. I'm trying to not take it personally.

Saturday when I went over, he ran and hid under the bed. I had to get a picture. I thought it was particularly appropriate that he chose to show me his bum. Em told me that he loved to sit on the fire place mantle. So, she called me so I could get a picture. He looks pretty damn happily ensconced at Emily's. Let's see, eats soft cat food every night, gets his litter box cleaned every day, and no dogs. I'm going to have to drag his furry little ass claws out back to the house.

If I could figure out how to play music, you'd be hearing sexy back playing right now . . . Ain't he handsome!

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