Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I want readers!

So, my dear friend for grins and giggles reads blogs. Occasionally, she will find one amusing or note worthy enough to forward on to me. Todays was very funny. Look at some of her posts she has over 100 comments. I want comments!!

I obviously have to up my game. Write more, actually be funny. Stuff like that. She also has lots of pictures. I need to work on that too. OK. Summer resolution. Finish damn real estate book and become famous blogger . . . ok, occasionally get comments on blog posts. (start small, right?)

Today I am off to have lunch with Helen. I love Helen. She is a PR girl, and in a former life wrote for a newspaper. She is practical, savvy and smart. I want to be her some day. Today, I will have to be happy just having lunch with her. I'm going to show her some of the corrections the boys made to the real estate book proofs.

The proofs that are currently making me grind my teeth. When I gave them copies of the book to write all over and really make changes to - they did hardly anything. When they got these which I very clearly said were to find serious errors only, they made a gazillion changes. Some of the changes are actually grammatically incorrect. What a freaking beating.

I am hoping Helen will help me find the nice words to tell the boys what I think rather than the script that is currently scrolling through my head which I will let you imagine but does include the words BullShit and WTF.

I am getting my hair cut after that. Don't be silly. Not really cut. Just trimmed. : )


  1. Did you have surgery? I hope it is all better now if you did.
    Derfwad Manor is crazy fun.
    However, I do resent the time suckage that will be inevitable now that I know Mrs. G is out there.

  2. Sorry about that. I did have surgery! No more gall bladder. All the drugs I'm taking must have made me forget that part.