Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two dogs and a girl

I got Sabrina and Buddy back from the Canine Country Club yesterday. They slept all afternoon. Poor Sabrina has a wound under her left eye. Damage from running amok on the farm I suppose.

I met with the Book committee today. I don't think they have fully understood the process. When it was time for them to make a gazillion changes, they really didn't. When it was time to make minimal changes to final for the plant . . . you guessed it . . . they made a gazillion changes.

So, I need to go through all of the changes that they have marked in the next 36 hours or so before meeting with them Thursday morning at 9am to discuss any changes that are worthy of discussion. Then I'll go to work making all of the changes to give them ANOTHER freaking set of proofs before sending them all to the plant. sigh.

The dogs are full of a little more energy today. By a little more, I do mean rather annoyingly more full of energy. No, wait, I got up from trying to take a nap because they wouldn't STOP fighting and jumping on the bed . . . and now they are both asleep in the tv room. I curse their pokey little heads.

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